Double Exposure by Rob Ley 2019


CC/AA worked with the architecture and development team to help Kaiser Permanente fulfill the city’s public art requirement for their new medical office building and cancer center in Dublin. Rob Ley was selected as the artist to create a monumental artwork entitled Double Exposure. This painted aluminum sculpture is installed on the building facade, greeting visitors as they approach the entrance, while also visible to drivers and pedestrians passing by.

Ley.Double Exposure_KP Dublin_pntd al,ss 30x145x4 feet_detail.jpg

CC/AA assisted in managing the conceptual design process and led the art approval process, which entailed gathering community comments at a local farmer's market in addition to the more typical City commission and City Council hearings. Ley's design was enthusiastically received and approved by all, and the final result is stunning.

From one angle, the work reveals an "image" of a yellow tree canopy; from the opposite angle the work appears to depict a blue sky dappled with clouds. The two abstracted images converge or separate gradually as one moves in relation to the piece, creating a dynamic and engaging viewing experience.

Ley.Double Exposure_KP Dublin_pntd al,ss 30x145x4 feet_yellow.jpg