Kaiser Permanente invited Chandra Cerrito / Art Advisors to help develop a comprehensive art program for their new 3-story medical office building in Dublin. Inspired by the architect's guiding themes of woods, foliage, and sky, our consulting team worked with the designers and Kaiser representatives to select over 170 artworks installed throughout the building.

Andrews_KP Dublin 2019.jpg

Meeting the client's objective to support the local community, the majority of works are by local Bay Area artists, including many who live in the Tri-Valley region.

Among this beautiful collection are works by Penny Olson, Allyson Fukushima, Ivy Jacobsen, Mari Andrews, and Elaine Coombs/Heather Patterson.

Fukushima.Papillon_KP Dublin 2019.jpg

In addition to paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptural artworks, 26 images by artists were reproduced as unique architecturally-integrated super graphics that help define and give character to the space.

CC/AA worked with the architecture and development team to help Kaiser Permanente fulfill their public art requirement for their new building in Dublin. Rob Ley was selected as the artist to create a monumental artwork entitled Double Exposure. This painted aluminum sculpture is installed on the building facade, greeting visitors as they approach the entrance, while also visible to drivers and pedestrians passing by.