Chandra Cerrito/Art Advisors welcomes new artists to its database on an ongoing basis to ensure we have extensive resources for our projects. We are particularly interested in growing our awareness of artists experienced in permanent public art, as well as Northern California artists whose work is suitable for our clientele. (Before submitting, please review images on this web site to determine if your work is applicable in terms of subject matter, scale, and level of refinement.) Please allow at least 4 weeks to receive a response. We appreciate your patience.

General Submission Guidelines

Please submit the following documents as PDFs and images as JPEGs via one or multiple emails up to 10MB each to

Please do not send links to shared Dropbox or Google Drive files.

Application Materials

  1. 15-20 JPEGs, approximately 300 ppi at 7" in the longest dimension*

  2. Image list, including the following for each artwork: (PDF document labeled “Surname_ImageList.pdf”) Title, date medium dimensions (height x width x depth, in inches) edition size (if applicable) retail price

  3. Resume or CV (PDF document labeled “Surname_Resume.pdf”)

  4. Artist Statement (PDF document labeled “Surname_Statement.pdf”)

  5. Contact Information (including mailing address)

    *Please name JPEG files as follows: Surname.ArtTitle.medium.dimensions.retail_2019.jpg Example: Smith.NewDay.a/c.40x60.5000_2019.jpg Please abbreviate media, such as: a acrylic ph photograph o oil pp paper mm mixed media c canvas wc watercolor pn panel I ink / on (as in acrylic “on” canvas or “a/c”)

    Dimensions should be in inches, height x width (x depth for 3D works). Retail price should be followed by an underscore and the year in which you are submitting this image to CC/AA, such as _2019

Public Art Submission Guidelines

Artists who have successfully completed at least two permanent public artworks or comparable large-scale commissioned works, especially works that are monumental, outdoors, and/or site-specific, may send a submission for our public artist database.

Please submit the materials requested in the general submission guidelines above, with the following modifications:

  • Please list the project budget rather than retail price in both the JPEG file name and image list.

  • Please list the project location and commissioning agency in the image list.

KP San Rafael_Prest_2.jpg